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How to get unbanned

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How to get unbanned Empty How to get unbanned

Post by CrazyMario on Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:37 am

If you are banned and want to appeal that ban, we expect from you that you read this info and use the information provided. Failure to do so will result in denying your appeal.


Before posting a ban appeal, make sure you're actually banned! If you saw an administrator ban you in-game, continue to reading the next section. If you are actually banned from the server, trying to connect will result in a red text telling you that you have been banned. If the text is blue, you have not been banned. If you keep getting a blue text saying you have been banned, send a private message to  (Lead Administrators) here on the forums.

Your rights:

1. You have the right to appeal your ban

2. You can continue posting on the forum, even when you are banned in-game. You will be banned however if you evade your bans excessively or if you spam for an unban. Forum rules always apply.

3. You can create a new appeal if your previous one has been denied, if it happens after a reasonable amount of time (not 5 minutes after the denial) or if you have any new useful information to add.

Your restrictions:

1. You cannot spam your appeal/other threads. This will lead to automatically denying your appeal.

2. You are not allowed to PM any admin asking for an unban, unless specifically instructed otherwise.

3. Ban evading leads automatically to a permanent ban, whether the original ban was fair or not.

4. You are not allowed to harm the server in any way, such as attacking the server, making disrespectful remarks about it anywhere else, or impersonating. This will lead to a ban from all our services.

5. After getting a reply from an administrator, you are required to reply to it within 72 hours, unless it's locked. If not, your appeal will automatically be deleted for abandoning it.

6. Your appeal will automatically be denied if you do not use the right format.

Admin restrictions and rules:

1. The admin who performed the ban is required to reply to your appeal within 48 hours. If not, you will automatically be unbanned, whether the ban was fair or not. You will have to request this with a reply to your ban appeal.

2. Admins are not allowed to publicly disagree with any decision made by any member of the staff. Discussion should be held in private sections such as the admin forum, IRC or the in-game admin chat. Complaints are to be directed to any lead administrator.

3. The final decision over a ban must be made by the admin who performed the ban.

4. At all points, a decision made by admins (unban or keep banned) can be overwritten by any lead admin.

After reading this, you can go appeal. Hit "start new topic" and follow these steps:

Fill in the thread title. You obligatory have to put it in the following format:


   Admin who banned you - reason

For example your title should look like: "CrazyGuy - Hacking"

In case you don't know who banned you, you fill in "Unknown". If you don't know anything, it becomes "Unknown-Unknown".

Legit admin names are also:

1. Anti-Retard

2. Warn System (you can also put the admin who gave the last warning)

Fill this format in for the topic itself:


   Account name:

   Reason for the ban:

   Time & Date:

   Admin who issued the ban:




   Previous ban appeals:

And wait untile admins responde.


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