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[INFO] How to report a player

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[INFO] How to report a player  Empty [INFO] How to report a player

Post by CrazyMario on Mon Aug 10, 2015 11:28 am

If you have noticed a player breaking the rules in game then please fill out the form found at the bottom of this topic. Carefully read through the following guidelines/rules before creating a topic.

   Create only one topic per reported player. If you want to report multiple people for the same reason then please create multiple topics.
   Please provide as much proof as possible(screenshot, video).
   All proof must be placed within the spoiler tags.
   Chat logs do not count as valid proof.
   Do not edit or manipulate proof in any way.
   Do not post in a topic if you are not involved in the situation (except if you are an administrator).

Report Form:

Topic title should use the following format: [Reported players name] - [Reason]


   Your in-game name:

   Reported players name:


   Reason for reporting:


   Anything you want to add?

If you fail to follow the guidelines/rules, don't use the correct title or fill out the form incorrectly then administrators have the right to archive the report.


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